Research data

I have been interested in employment in later life, in retirement transitions, in the financing of retirement, and in long-term care of the frail elderly. 

Under the subject of pension financing, I have been looking at the extent pension funds can be “social”/”responsible” investors.

I have maintained a general interest in labour market policy and practices, including issues of non-standard working.

In addition, I try to keep up with developments in behavioural economics.

I have written about social-economic dimensions of the covid pandemic.

Much of my research has had a comparative dimension.

Alongside social economics, I am interested in history, both modern and that of late antiquity, and write about issues from these periods.

Many of my publications can be found via my site, which is at

There are some blogs from me on the LSE ”euroblogs” website, which is at

I also have a propensity to write letters to the Financial Times, and quite a lot of them are published. 

Bernard Casey with cane

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